Clipper Construction’s Stunning 5-Unit Multifamily Building in Pigtown, Baltimore

Clipper Construction is proud to announce the completion of a brand-new, ground-up multifamily building at 1123 Sterrett St, Baltimore, MD 21230, located in the vibrant neighborhood of Pigtown. This exciting project showcases our commitment to quality construction and modern design, offering five units of comfortable living spaces tailored to meet the needs of today’s urban residents.

5-Unit New Construction Multifamily in Pigtown located at 1123 Sterrett St, Baltimore, MD 21230

Multifamily construction has been on the rise across the country, driven by the increasing demand for affordable and convenient urban living. With the completion of this new multifamily building, Clipper Construction is contributing to this trend by delivering a fresh and innovative approach to housing in Baltimore’s Pigtown neighborhood.

Clipper Construction’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship shines through in this new multifamily building. From the ground up, the team ensured every aspect of the construction process was executed flawlessly. The foundation was laid with precision, ensuring the building’s stability and longevity. The structural framework was expertly crafted to support the five individual units, with careful attention to detail to meet local building codes and regulations.

The first thing that catches your eye when approaching this multifamily building is its elegant exterior. The façade is adorned with light grey siding that complements the surrounding urban landscape while adding a touch of sophistication. The white window frames contrast beautifully with the grey siding, creating a modern yet timeless look.

One of the standout features of this property is the wooden deck and railing that extends from the rear of the building. It’s the perfect spot to soak up some sun, enjoy a morning coffee, or entertain guests. A sliding glass door on the side of the building connects the interior to the outdoor deck, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Upon entering any of the five units, you’re immediately struck by the modern and functional design. The open-concept living spaces are designed to maximize both comfort and functionality. The kitchen, in particular, is a highlight of the interior design.

The kitchen boasts white cabinets, countertops, and appliances, creating a clean and sophisticated look. White has always been a popular choice for kitchens as it reflects light, making the space feel bright and airy. The walls are painted in pristine white, adding a touch of warmth while maintaining a neutral palette.

Natural light streams into the kitchen through large windows, giving it a fresh and inviting atmosphere. Overhead lights further illuminate the space, ensuring that the kitchen is well-lit at all times. Whether you’re preparing a gourmet meal or simply enjoying a quick snack, this kitchen is designed to make you feel at home.

The wood flooring throughout the living spaces adds a touch of natural warmth and complements the modern design. It’s easy to envision how this multifamily building provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for its residents.

Clipper Construction’s commitment to creating a comfortable living environment extends beyond the individual units. The multifamily building offers amenities that enhance the quality of life for its residents. These may include communal areas, such as a rooftop deck with stunning city views, a secure entrance, and designated parking spaces. These features contribute to a sense of community and convenience that modern tenants value highly.

Clipper Construction’s 5-unit multifamily building in Pigtown exemplifies the art of multifamily construction, showcasing their dedication to quality craftsmanship and innovative design. From the ground-up construction to the carefully planned interiors and thoughtful amenities, this project offers a glimpse into the future of urban living. As the demand for multifamily housing continues to grow, developments like this one serve as shining examples of what’s possible when talented builders set their sights on creating homes that stand out in both functionality and style.

Clipper Construction Set to Open New Corporate Headquarters in Baltimore’s Locust Point Neighborhood

The new Clipper Construction headquarters is a multi-story building situated in the heart of Baltimore’s Locust Point neighborhood. The building is spacious and has an industrial feel, making it perfect for housing project materials. The company plans to renovate the building and add offices for construction staff. This move will allow the company to have all its operations under one roof, which will increase efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.

Rendering of Clipper Construction’s Future Corporate Headquarters in Baltimore, MD

The new headquarters’ location is strategic as it is close to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, convenient to many of the company’s projects are located. The headquarters will house Clipper Construction’s project management and pre-construction teams, as well as the company’s sales and marketing teams. The attached warehouse will be used to stage critical fixtures and materials for active jobs and will also provide extra storage space for jobsite supplies and equipment.

The new headquarters is an exciting development for Clipper Construction, as it allows the company to better serve its customers while increasing their efficiency. The building brings a modern feel to Locust Point and will be an important asset to the city of Baltimore. The company looks forward to moving in and becoming part of the local community.

“Bringing all of our operations under one roof is a great move for Clipper Construction,” says managing partner, Evan Roberts. “We are confident that this will provide us with the tools and space we need to continue our mission of providing quality construction services to customers in the Baltimore area.”

Warehouse and classroom space will be used for internal training of the field team to bring in external vendors for product and process education. This will help the company in staying on top of new technology, product innovations, safety regulations, and best practices.

“Staying on top of industry advancements and providing our team with the resources to do so is essential for Clipper Construction’s success,” adds managing partner, Jeff Miller. “We plan to make sure all of our employees have access to the tools and training opportunities required to stay on the cutting edge.”

The new headquarters is scheduled to open in 2024 and the company looks forward to welcoming its employees, clients, and subcontractor partners into its new home. By establishing its headquarters in the heart of Locust Point, Clipper Construction is ensuring its place at the forefront of Baltimore’s construction market and will continue to provide quality service to clients while becoming a positive force within the community.

The building is located at 1642 Beason St, Baltimore, MD 21230 on the corner of Beason St and Andre St, walking distance to Silo Point and Under Armour’s Baltimore headquarters. By establishing its headquarters in the heart of Locust Point, Clipper Construction is ensuring its place at the forefront of Baltimore’s construction market and will continue to provide quality service to clients while becoming a positive force within the community.