City Garage Amenity Space

Project Description

The City Garage Amenity Space Construction project at the City Garage Science and Technology Center, located at 101 W. Dickman Street in Baltimore, MD has been completed. The 135,000-square-foot building now offers several amenities, such as kitchenettes, private bathrooms, an event space, and a gymnasium.

Our scope of work has included handling all aspects of the interior construction, from the construction of cabinetry and countertop installation to the installation of plumbing fixtures, wall tiles, flooring, and electrical work for lighting and ventilation.

The event space has been completed with interior finishing work, including wall construction, flooring installation, and custom design elements like the “Made in America” wall design. The amenity space also features a modern kitchenette with clean white walls, wooden cabinetry, and a bright white porcelain countertop. The private bathrooms have a modern and minimalist aesthetic with sleek matte-finish wall tiles and flooring. The gymnasium showcases a modern design with black and red rubber flooring and white walls, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

The conference room offers a unique black-and-white carpet tile floor, providing a stylish setting for conferences or gatherings. The exterior of the building features a black brick exterior with black metal panels and ribbon windows installed on the facade.

Clipper Construction has successfully delivered quality work, paid attention to detail, and completed the project on time and within budget. Our team’s expertise and dedication have ensured the successful completion of the City Garage Amenity Space Construction project.

AltaVista Strategic Partners Office Renovation

Project Description

The renovation project for AltaVista Strategic Partners, a contractor marketing company located at 3600 O’Donnell St # 600 in Baltimore, MD, has involved a complete overhaul of their 6,456 square feet workspace. Clipper Construction has provided a range of services including initial consultation, project assessment, design, and architectural planning in collaboration with skilled architects and designers. The renovation includes demolition and removal of existing interior structures, installation and relocation of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, flooring installation, interior painting, and finishing touches to revamp the office space.

The design and elements of the renovated office are meticulously crafted to align with AltaVista Strategic Partners’ vision. The new layout features an open-concept floor plan, encouraging collaboration, communication and a sense of community among employees. Emphasizing a branding-centric approach, every detail in the office design is thoughtfully curated to mirror the company’s brand identity. The revamped workspace is dynamic, with flexible work areas that can adapt to various tasks and team collaborations. With its sleek design characterized by smooth surfaces and clean lines, the renovated office interior has a modern and professional ambiance.

This project involved renovating an office space to improve both its functionality and the well-being of its employees. The new design encourages productivity and interaction while staying true to the company’s brand. The revamped office at AltaVista Strategic Partners sets a new standard for modern work environments. The successful partnership between Clipper Construction and the client exemplifies innovative design concepts brought to life within commercial spaces.