Project Description

The warehouse located at 7980 Tar Bay Dr. in Jessup, MD, had a structural concern identified in specific columns. To address this issue, Clipper Construction undertook a critical column repair project in the warehouse. The one-story, pre-engineered metal building measuring 839 ft in length, 250 ft in width, and 31.17 ft in height underwent this repair project to ensure the safety and reliability of the warehouse.

The project involved two main methods of repair. For columns with severe flange deflections exceeding one inch, a complete replacement strategy was applied. To ensure stability during the process, the roof framing was first carefully supported. Then, the damaged sections were taken out and replaced with high-strength steel sections, along with new base plates, anchor bolts, and strategically placed one-inch steel plates welded to the undamaged portions of the existing columns.

For columns with less significant deflections, a steel plate reinforcement approach was used. One-inch steel plates were welded onto these columns in strategic positions, greatly improving their structural integrity and ensuring their continued ability to bear the designated loads. This approach provided a time- and cost-effective solution for columns with less severe damage.