Project Description

Located at 914 West 36th St., Suite B, known as “The Avenue,” Catalog Coffee in Hampden is a newly constructed 2,200-square-foot café that offers a unique and inviting space for coffee enthusiasts in Baltimore, MD. The interior design of the café focuses on creating distinct seating areas, including a communal triangle-shaped table near the entrance, a bench connected to a roll-up garage door for outdoor seating, a standing counter for quick bites, and two-seater tabletops overlooking custom-made toile wallpaper at the back. With bright yellow and green accents, the café exudes a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for patrons to enjoy their coffee experience.

Catalog Coffee has approximately 30 seats, strategically placed to provide a variety of hangout spots within the café. The incorporation of different seating zones, such as the community table, outdoor bench seating, and standing counter inspired by European cafes, is intended to accommodate the varied preferences of customers. The design elements, including the rolling garage door, add a touch of versatility to the space, allowing for seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor seating. The café’s layout encourages social interaction while also offering a grab-and-go section near the front counter for patrons seeking a quick coffee fix.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Catalog Coffee in Hampden is a hub for community engagement and social gatherings. The thoughtfully designed space not only provides a cozy environment for patrons to relax and unwind but also offers functional areas like the standing counter and nook with a shelf for those on the go or waiting for their orders. By creating a blend of cozy corners and communal spaces, the café aims to foster a sense of belonging and connection among its visitors, making it a go-to destination for coffee lovers in Baltimore.